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I have 6112s that gave me 2.5 inches of lift, 2nd setting with 1 shim.
I also have 5160s with Toytec shackles on the 1" setting.
It is a pretty firm ride.

It is my understanding unless you go over 3" of lift in the front that the stock UCAs should be fine.
The 6112s at the top setting without any shims should set you at around 2.75 to 3".

My truck (TSS package) came stock with 285/55/20 BFG KO tires with a 50+ offset stock TSS wheel.
That 285/75/R18 you're looking at is the same width, 11.2", but around 2.5" taller than the 285/55/20.
It isn't the width that you should worry about, it is the height.
They might fit in there, until you turn the steering wheel at full lock.
Hopefully someone will chime in with more info on that.

I have a 2WD so I can't help with the diff drop.

Ways to save a little money is to;
1. put 5100s all the way around instead of 6112/5160s.
2. use 5100 on the rear with your 6112 fronts.

I had the 5100 rears before I found and installed the 5160s.
If I had it to do over again I would have kept the 5100 rears.
The ride is the same, and the 5160 is nothing but a 5100 with a reservoir.
The 5160s might look cooler, but they don't ride any better.
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