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305/55/20 BBS wheels fit with NO lift

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I haven't been on in almost a year. Not much has changed since then, only a different job. I see all these trucks and the mods, and couldn't afford anything, so I don't like to look at stuff that I know I can't ever get or afford....

I had the BBS wheels for a year now, and when I got them they still had the OEM tires, Michelin's I think. They lasted about 20k before got real bad down to the wear bars. By this point it was winter anyways, so put the BFGs on, 275/70s on stock steely's, gives it more of a truck look and are great in the snow. But now I got a job (shitty one at that) but have money coming in, so guess that's always good. Got the taxes done, and was surprised how much we got back. I said that I'm getting tires for the truck, and of course women don't understand why we need two sets of tires. But I explained that tho the initial cost might be expensive, now both sets of tires will now last twice as long.

So started looking on the net, local tire places, averaged bout $300 a tire. I didn't need an aggressive tire, this truck will not see any offroad use, so to me it's pointless to have a mud tire on a street truck. A local tire place has about every tire known to man, went with Falken Trail Peak. I guess the Mountain Peak was discontinued, and these replaced it. I got them for $279, mount, balance and tire disposal. They aren't super aggressive, but enough to make it look real good. BBS wheels are 9" wide, and these tires fit perfectly on them. Just enough bulge to protect the rim but not enough to make it look stupid.

They are the same height as the 275s I took off, but of course much wider. I didn't think they would fit with no lift, but thought there is only one way to find out. I put the front left on first, turned the wheel side to side, and close to the mudflaps, but didn't hit. Lowered it down and turned again, still didn't hit. Put the other side on, backed up and turned lock to lock, still didn't hit anywhere. So put the rears on and when for a ride. Handles great, ride is better than the 275s, and quiet. I live in NYS, every road is beyond f%#@d, dips, bumps, grooves and tires did not hit anywhere at any time. I have a 3/1 leveling kit, but don't know if I want to put it on now. Might get the roller skate look, too much wheelwell, not enough tire. And I won't be able to get tire for at least a year when taxtime comes around again.

I don't have pics yet, truck is filthy. But I will soon as I get a chance to wash it.
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Where in NY do you live? I understand completely the roads here, they''re all terrible.
Just outside Binghamton. Even better now that it's getting warmer out. Ground beneath the roads are thawing out, making them heave.
Ever get around to some pics? I'm thinking about upgrading to the 305/55/20 terra grapplers for my bbs wheels to. I been reading and some people say it rubs a little and se people say it's completely fine with no mods. No lift or level of course. If it does have problems ill probably just end up getting some 305/50 terra grapplers
I just put on 305/55/20 nitto terra grapplers At. had some pretty good rubbing on the mud flaps and front fender plastic tab. Ran this set up for a week. Had a 3/1 LRO kit installed and still had rubbing issues in the same location. trimmed up the mud flaps and removed the front tabs and no rubbing issues at all with full lock. 20" addicts with +18 offset as well.

hope this helps
i have bbs wheels with toyo AT2 open country skins 295/60/20 and it rubs like a biotch.

have to perform surgery as soon as it drops below 104......
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