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**edit for title** ment 305/45/17

Im a 1/8th and 1/4 mile track nut. I burned my bfgs off my rock warrior rims way to fast on my 2013 rock warrior with trd super charger and some other goodies. in less then 5k miles :lol5: costy fun :)

I have run 10 sec 1/4 mile times with 305/45/17's on 8" rims before. So i know they work fine on other cars i have.

Who has ran a 305/45/17 on a tundra all the way around?

This is gonna be a temp setup for maybe 2 months. Im having bogart make me 16" wheels that will clear the calipers with out grinding..

But considering the Stock BFG's weigh 60lbs each
and the 305/45/17 Drag radials i will use weigh 30 lbs each

I will be saving about 120lbs of outside rotating weight/mass will deff improve track times. '

Also will deff help with smaller diameter tire coming out of hole. 32" tires to a 28.8" tire

My question is. will i have any issues with shift points? limiter hits in each gear etc

has anyone else done a 1/8th or 1/4 mile run with 32's and then dropping down to 28'"

Going smaller and shaving 120lbs of rotating will deff gain but just curious if anyone has done it

Thanks guys!

ps. anyone with pics of 305/45R17 on rock warrior rims?

i know it may look a little goofy. i am stock height/ no lift or lowering kit

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What gear RPM are you through the traps? That tire is less than 28" and stock is 33, RPM's will rise quite a bit
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