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The Airlift 5k# capacity bags will give you a min. 1" lift in rear with the recommended 5# minimum air pressure . On my 07 SR5 DC 8 foot bed with Bilstein 5100s all round and fronts at the lowest setting ,which is 7/8 in. over stock I had at least a one in. rear to front rake . Removed Firestone Airlifts and truck is level . I started with front 5100s at top setting for close to 3" lift . I don`t know if the 5100s in rear give any lift by themselves or not . I would not think so as they have no means to adjust height as do the fronts . I have used other gas filled shocks that have given a bit of lift even though as a direct replacement shock no lift was stated or advertised .
The first I ever used was in 1980 a Mickey Thompson nitrogen gas pressure shock made in Italy for a Ford E150 that gave about 1/2 in. lift that along with a Quickor front anti sway bar made a tremendous handeling improvement . The 5100s came on truck when I bought it and I just did not want or need the extra lift . I will probably replace the front 5100s with the standard blue and yellow Bilsteins and get the front down another 7/8 in .
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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