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Hello All,

Just another newbie looking for help. I appear to have valve cover gasket leaks. Have already tried tightening the screws and they are not loose. As I have never done something like this before I would like to give it a try because I am interested and cheap. Will also change te spark plugs at the same time.

Have watched this youtube video, , but it appears that there are variations to the engine.

Here are some parts for my vin: 5TBBT54107S452644

Valve Cover Left gasket: 112130F010

Valve Cover Right gasket: 112140F010

Semicircular Plug Seal: Three Bond 1207b Why are all videos using white when this is black?

Saprkplug Tube Gasket: 1119350010

Sparkplugs: Quantity 8; Part# SK20Rll, 3297

Attached are a few pick of my 2UZ-FE 8 cylinder engine.

Pleas let me know of anything I may be missing or if you have any suggestions.

Thank you


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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