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Can anyone give me a positive yes or no on tire size. I’d prefer a 285/65 but it seems like some people need to cut into their dang frams just to fit them without some minor rubbing. My buddies can fit 35s on stock rims no problem on their shitty overpriced F150s (I get shit because I tell them I’m still unsure of what tire size to buy) with simple leveling kits yet we can’t seem to figure out for certain if we can fit anything without removing some plastic and bending back skid plates... it’s just frustrating.
Alignment variations move the wheel in the well, so no one can give you a definitive answer when you get close to the limits.

If you are on stock rims with no spacers, you can fit 285/65r20 with minimal trimming (skid and plastic). Based on reports I've heard of the amount of lift with 6112s, you might get a lot more than you think. You want to keep it <2.5" or you will need UCAs too. I'd shoot for 1.5-2". Less lift will ride and handle better also. And if you get <2" you won't need to lift the rear.

1" is plenty for 35s (I have zero lift on mine), and adding lift (if <5") will not prevent rubbing when you hit bumps. You need to trim.
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