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Ok so im new here. Just picked up a 2008 Limited Double Cab 2WD. About to take a go at fitting 35's on there. Heres my plan.

Ready Lift 4/2 Kit: (part# 69-5475)
Toyota Tundra Lift Kit, 4 inch SST Lift Kit by ReadyLIFT
Same one "TundraRunsDeep" is running:

Wheel: Either
1.) 20x9 +18mm Offset (5.75" Back Space)
2.) 20x9 +25mm Offset (6.00" Back Space)

Tire: Either
1.) Nitto Terra Grappler LT295/60R20 E126Q Height: 34.45" Width: 12.36"
2.) Nitto Terra Grappler LT325/60R20 D121R Height: 35.12" Width: 12.91"

Question is Wheel 1 or 2, and Tire 1 or 2.

A quick look at the Ready Lift Tire Size Chart here:
Tire/Wheel Sizing - Copyright ReadyLift® Suspension Inc.
search for "69-5475" and you see..

Wheel Width: 9" (Meets Criteria to qualify both wheels)

Wheel Backspace: 6.0" (technically should qualify both wheel 1 and 2)

Max Tire Size: 35x12.5 (this barely disqualifies the #2 tire which has a width of 12.91"...however, the #2 tire might be fine if you use the 5.75" backspaced wheel which should put the tire 1/4" further away from the frame of the truck)

Before anyone asks...I am considering this lift kit because i liked "TundraRunsDeep's" results with 35" tires. I like the stance his truck has. I like that the kit is minimally invasive and easily reversible. I like that it doesnt require any cutting, welding, or other permanent modification. I liked that its easy to install, and simple, and shouldn't molest driveability or ride quality much.

I am considering this tire because i drive 90% on pavement and 10% off rode. So I would prefer a quietness and smoothness on pavement over offroad performance. The bigger of the two tires is about 30% more expensive than the smaller one for some reason. On one hand I wouldnt mind paying extra for a bigger tire. But on the other hand, paying extra for a bigger tire that ends up causing me to have rubbing issues that i could have avoided by getting the cheaper smaller tire will make me want to knock myself in the peter.

And i am constricted to these wheel sizes because its one of the only truck wheels that I actually LIKE and not just tolerate.

Anyone have any first hand knowledge/experience that can help me rule some of these options out and leave me with my setup?

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Wheel #2 with 35x12.50x20 Toyo AT2s. For minimal rubbing issues.

heres that tire with a 2.5" lift from bilsteins and 20x9 +30 wheels...

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