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Looks like the added hood length to cover the foot or so of pedestrian crumple zone is taking away some room in the rear of both crewmax and double cab. Funny with all the added TSS that you need a crumple zone. Oh and now engine start/stop will be mandatory. There is a button to turn off but needs to be pushed every start up o_O

I hate having to get in a vehicle start it and then complicate and waste time with things like what drive mode am I going to be in today. Then once driving and you have over 10,000 miles on your new vehicle and need to pull out into traffic and your vehicle hesitates just a fraction of a second to start the motor as you take your foot off of the brake peddle to pull into fast moving traffic and an accident almost happens or does, as, oh wait! I forgot to turn off the government mandated start stop feature that will cause more harm than any good it could ever accomplish. The most feared words in the American language are "I am from the government and I am here to help".

My wife's Honda Pilot has this auto start/stop feature and how I describe above it how it functions. Yes you can turn it off easily but it is one more thing to remember to do and when you only drive her vehicle once in a while, turning things off so the vehicle will operate normal is not my idea of a good design. However, if you choose to pay $10,000 more and purchase the Acura MDX (same vehicle) your vehicle starts and drives normally without the need to turn off the start/stop feature. Because on the MDX you have to choose to turn on the start/stop feature if you want to have a vehicle that hesitates to pull out into traffic.

Once in the routine of turning off "help aides" it is only time consuming like turning off the nannies on the Tundra with the three step process to turn off the traction, skid control, and ABS systems. A compleat pain but at least the throttle does not cut out when you need it the most. Government helping people, that's what it is all about.
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