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Hi all. I have been a spectator on this forum for years while I drove a 2007 Tundra. I appreciate
all the knowledge you have shared.
I now have a 2018 1/2 ton Denali and I am ready to go back to a Tundra. My plan was to buy a Platinum and have the dealer swap the suspension and exhaust to TRD Pro. I also wanted to put a SC on it.
I know the suspension and exhaust are not an issue. The local dealer quoted me about $6,000 for parts and install. Is that reasonable?
Is a SC possible on a 2019 truck and is there a recommended dealer?
Is it worth waiting for the 2020 model to come out in Sept? I love android auto on my current truck but the dealer is saying the 2020 model will be about 4-5k more. Is there an aftermarket system that allows you to add android auto? Thanks for any advice.
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