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I have a 2018 tundra sr5 no lift, running stock 255/70/18 on the stock steel wheels. I was looking to upgrade to a 275/70/18 and the rim I was looking at has a 30mm offset. I am thinking the aprox 1" wider tire and aprox 1" offset on rim should clear the fenders. I am not sure of they will with suspension compression or full lock turning. Was hoping someone here may be running this combo already and can give feedback on how the combo works out. I will be doing mostly commuting to work with some light off-road excursions for camping and trail riding.

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According to the offset calculator;

I'm guessing your stock wheels are +60 or so.
Tire/wheel you are considering will be about 1" taller and the outer wall will stick out about 1.5" farther out.
The tire you want is almost 1" wider than what you have now.

I had 285/55/20 tires and bought +18 offset wheels, used the same tires.
That set the tires/wheels out 1.5 farther out and I had rub going in reverse at full steering wheel lock.
That was with 2.5" of lift in the front.
Ended up returning the wheels.

I would think with +30 offset, you wouldn't have an issue, but the wider tire might rub on a hard turn.
It also may depend on your skid plate, some guys have to trim stock 4X4 skid plates to avoid rubbing.
I have a TRD Pro plate that is narrow enough not to get in the way of the tires.

Hopefully someone can help you more than I did..:|
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