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2018 Tundra + Four Wheel Campers

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Whats up guys. I have a 2018 Tundra SR5 that I am strongly considering purchasing a Four Wheel Camper Hawk Shell for some hunting/camping trips. Curious if anyone here has a similar set up and any advice they have. Positives/negatives and maybe what you may do differently. I do plan on adding airbags with the installation. My main concern was the weight on a 1/2 ton but it sounds like that's not a major issue? Also speed/MPG/etc and how it effects that.

Really hoping to hear some real world scenarios and not just the pitch from a sales person. Have a good one!
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I've got a 2008 Tundra with a FWC Hawk that is similar vintage. I've had this setup for 3ish years and used it for camping and hunting as well. It's been an awesome setup. Like you said, it's a lot of weight for a '1/2 ton' pickup, and if you get on some of the FWC forums, some of those folks will go on and on about needing a 3/4 ton minimum for any slide in camper. While I agree, a 3/4 ton would certainly be better suited, I've had zero issues (and see Tundras with FWCs almost daily where I live). I did install airbags and highly recommend that. I also would recommend 10-ply tires. They're gonna make your ride (when you don't have the camper on) a bit more stiff, but the added durability with all of that extra weight is a huge. I learned this from experience - completely delaminated an older 6 ply LT tire while driving on a pretty rough road a couple years back (when I had an older, heavier slide-in camper). I'm pretty sure the added weight I was carrying was a factor in that tire failure.

Are you planning to take this camper off/on often, or will it stay on all the time? If it's on all the time, you might consider a more permanent suspension upgrade - stiffer springs at least in the rear. But if you plan to take it off/on (like I do) the adjustability of airbags is pretty nice.

Have fun! Slide in campers are game changers. I can't imagine not having one now...
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Yea not sure how often I’ll take it off. Probably not often but my tundra has been sitting in the driveway a lot ever since work gave me a truck.
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