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Howdy. These trucks we completed a few weeks back for Red McCombs Toyota here in San Antonio, TX .
Thought you guys might like to see what they look like! We have lots more pics on our FB page of this truck.

Our audio systems are installed into brand new Tundras before they hit the lot for sale. The entire setup is rolled into Toyota financing. The entire system connects directly to factory wiring. It requires no cutting or splicing of factor wires. The truck can be returned back to factory without any penalties if you lease the vehicle. In addition to easy connection, we even provide an amp rack that bolts to stock location. The sub box houses two full size 10 or 12" subs. WE don't require the use of shallow mounts subs in our systems.

This complete system starts at $1,599
4 Channel 100 x 4 watts RMS TXD3204v2 amp
Suboofer Amp 1000 watts x 1
Component Speakers Front & Rear Doors
FULL size 10" or 12" subwoofers.
Plug and play wiring system - no cutting or splicing
Plug and play amp rack - bolts to stock amp location.
If you would like to see lots more pics, you can click here:
Or be sure to check out our HUNDREDS of Tundra installs on our FB page

We have installed over 600 Tundras in our San Antonio (now Bulverde) shop.

NOTE: In a few months we are releasing a complete audio upgrade that will start at $599.

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