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2017 Tundra SR, the first piece of my new BBQ, and my daily commute monster.

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Hey all new here, but definitely not new to Toyotas. Sold my 1999 Tacoma SR5 4wd and 2005 Corolla SE in June of last year after not driving them for years due to covid. Also own a 2010 Rav 4, and have previously owned a 1995 4 Runner and a 1999 Corolla.

I'd been saving up all my paid time off for a while so when I switched companies, I'd have enough to start my BBQ side hustle. Got a really clean 2017 Tundra SR and have enough left for a 350-500 gallon BBQ trailer once I find one I like. Jumping in here because I know I'll be modding her up a bit. Already have an appointment to get a new sound system installed, and am currently looking at nerf bars and a brush guard. Felt so good to go buy that trailer hitch this weekend, knowing I what I was going to be hauling around.
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