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So ive searched and searched, and realized this is a pretty common problem, but ive yet to see the "Eureka! We have fixed the rattle issues!" post, only really seeing ideas and "try this". Now as a 15 year mechanic in my prior life before going law enforcement, a great deal also involved stereo, so im able to fix this, but I feel like with 340 miles on my new truck, I really shouldn't have to. That was part of why I bought a new truck with a semi decent (ok, below average, it isn't the JBL) stereo and hopes of only having to add a sub later to achieve the above average sound I wanted.

While I had planned on doing a sub with the factory stuff, now my main concern is getting the doors to stop rattling. If its something involving lots of dynamat or similar deadener, I can do that. If its resecure the door panel, I can do that. I really don't want to do all that though, and find out its just life and after investing the time and money, the answer is just cut the bass off to that door, and have highs and a sub with zero mid range, or invest in a big stereo, which I have little interest in doing at this point in my life.

If there is a thread I missed by going back through most of the pages and a google search, please link it, but the ones I found never really had a solid positive outcome for the newer trucks, most focused on door switches rattling etc.
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