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I just installed the Pioneer AVIC-8200NEX in my 2016 dual cab, non-JBL setup, entune audio plus (same as your truck). This is the second aftermarket HU I've had in this truck. The first one was a Kenwood DDX6903S (which I'm selling by the way) I installed back in October of last year. I wanted to upgrade to a GPS navigation unit and settled on the Pioneer 8200 after reading many reviews. Anyway, this last install was my second experience with the Maestro setup since there really isn't much difference between how the Maestro interfaces with Kenwood units and Pioneer units. I learned most of the hard lessons with the Maestro on the first installation of the Kenwood unit, so the second installation of the Pioneer 8200 went much smoother. I agree with everything you said about the Maestro setup and experienced the exact same things... ARRRGGHHH! Unfortunate, I can't help you with your "Issue 6)" since I've never had that problem. Although, it might be something with the vehicle systems settings. I know on my 8200, you can go to the Maestro vehicle settings (on one of the HU set-up screens) and adjust different vehicle parameters like headlight timer, door lock functions, etc.

Have you figured out how to defeat the parking brake lockout which prevents you from watching a DVD while the vehicle is in motion? On my old Kenwood unit, it was a simple matter of grounding out the light green wire from the HU. I did the same thing with the new Pioneer 8200 and a DVD will play fine without the parking brake on BUT as soon as the vehicle starts moving, a caution screen replaces the DVD picture warning that movies shouldn't be watched from the front seat while the vehicle is in motion (or something to that effect). I think it may be that this unit uses a speed sensing wire for GPS navigation info (my old Kenwood unit didn't have GPS nav). It may also use this speed sensing info to disable the DVD source when the vehicle is moving. I don't really know for sure. Any thoughts? Or maybe someone else will chime in with a work around.
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