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note: Those trying to help resolve my issue, please see last part of the post.

Intro: Personal pet peeve of mine is, asking for help, receiving it, then never posting the resolution for others. I tried to bump a couple of similar posts/threads that never ended and honestly went nowhere. I would rather than 15 minutes and share my experience with others, than to have others spend just an absolute ton of time searching, as I did, for solutions to problems or potential builds.

2016 dual cab, non-JBL setup, entune audio plus

I know enough to be dangerous. So a little thread on my install, parts, and hopefully some assistance with some issues. So far, I am VERY happy with the setup. The sound is greatly improved over stock. I started with the speakers and amps, then added an aftermarket HU at a different time. Goal is to make it sound better, but not go crazy and be able to swap stock parts out if necessary. While I have no plans to sell the truck anytime soon, you never know what the future holds and I wanted to be able to get back to stock (or similar) if necessary. So minimizing cutting and complete overhauls was key.

Audio upgrades:

  • 4 Channel Amplifier - TXD3204:
  • Tundra Plug and Play Harness System - 12 Pin
  • Tundra Plug and Play Harness System - 10 Pin
  • TXD6001 EZ-AMP plug and play 600 watts mono subwoofer amplifier
  • TXD3204 & TXD6001 Dual Amplifier Power Installation Kit
  • Toyota Tundra Non JBL Stock Amp Replacement Rack
  • 25 Foot Plug and Play amplifier subwoofer 12 gauge Wiring.:

Pioneer TS-SW2002D2 8-inch Shallow-Mount Subwoofer with 600 Watts Max Power
Pioneer UDSW200D Empty 8-Inch Slim Box for TSSW2002
Noico 80 mil 18 sqft car Sound deadening mat, butyl automotive Sound Deadener, audio Noise Insulation and dampening

Door Speakers:
Polk Audio DB6502
Kicker 43CSC54
Metra 71-035LC Speaker Wiring Harnesses
Scosche SAT69 Speaker Mounting Brackets
Metra 71-035LC Speaker Wiring Harnesses
Scosche SAT6 Speaker Mounting Brackets

This was the first stage and went beautifully. Sound is SUBSTANTIALLY better than stock. I however was still irritated with the stock HU. Tones can't be adjusted easily, interface is clunky, can't get any of the new satellite radio options, Bluetooth is flaky at best, etc. So off to the HU upgrade:

Scosche TA2116B Double DIN Dash Kit for Select 2014-Up Toyota Tundra Vehicles

ADS-MRR Maestro RR - Universal Radio Replacement & SWI
ADS-HRN-RR-TO2 TO2 Plug & Play T-Harness for Toyota Vehicles
ACC-USB-TO2 Maestro USB adapter for Toyota and Scion Vehicles Black
ACC-SAT-TO2 iDatalink Maestro Car Radio Adapter Cable Black

HU: Pioneer AVH-4201NEX / AVH-4200NEX
Sat: SXV300V1

All of this went well, with a few exceptions / notes:

INFO 1) Black wire adapter = satellite radio, white = FM/AM

RESOLVED 2) Firmware was old and could not flash it. Vehicle has to have the parking brake engaged (no where listed in any documentation I found, stumbled on it after struggling with it and searching for 60 minutes)!

RESOLVED 3) The Maestro site and adapter packs are incomplete! On my old head unit, the plug looks like an old 1/4 stereo headphone jack. This was no where to be found in their cables. There is a part that works however (just confirmed) that plugs right into the stock location. Metra 40-LX11

UNCONFIRMED 4) There is no pink cable on the HU to plug in as the Maestro document demands for a pioneer

INFO 5) Maestro setup ... ARRRGHHH... while a good idea in practice, this product is a bit of a mess and completely non-user friendly.
  • Can't be programmed with a USB cable while it's plugged into via the vehicle. I had to tear the dash apart 3 times to get it tweaked the way I wanted. The smart thing would be to allow programming via USB cable and not have to tear the dash apart and unplug everything! I ran a 5' cable from the unit to the drivers side, just so I could reprogram it, then found out it wasn't possible.
  • Their software, better known as their website only, is really a mess. Multiple issues, first and foremost it requires a very old insecure laptop. The first website in years I've used that require activex and java to work! I had to load Internet Exploder and a ton of of junk just to run through the setup website. Second issue, obviously you need an active Internet connection. Third issue, no actual application, so if their site is down or they decide to no longer support it, you are shit out of luck! Fourth (implied) no support for any modern browsers from the last 2-3 years!
  • CAREFUL with the PDF manual! There are two different sections of the multi 100 page PDF that it sends you to for the install instructions. They do not tell you what page to go to, just point you to this massive encyclopedia of a PDF. The descriptions on the headers of these sections are identical (Toyota Tundra Without JBL), however, the wiring is different! Try to figure out which one is right for your vehicle (mine was the second one in the PDF, page 97ish).
  • Very odd for me, the up/down on the wheel actually do not scroll through presets but scans. If you're like me and want to scroll presets, change this first. Also, it's reverse of the stock setup and nearly ever car I have ever driven. Up is 1, 2, 3, or top, middle, lower on the HU. So in order to go "up" in number, you go "down" in the presets on the screen. So another thing you might want to swap from default, make up ... down. It will make sense when you see it ;)

ISSUE 6) I can't get the HU to auto turn off with the key! I recorded a video, but also some additional information: If the door is open, the key is out, but the HU is on, and you hit the lock button... it immediately unlocks. This is the same action if you try to lock the door while the key is still in. Additionally, the amps are following the right process from what I can tell. As soon as I power the HU off manually, the amps see this signal and power off also. Video of the problem:

I will also post some pictures I took of the process.

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I just installed the Pioneer AVIC-8200NEX in my 2016 dual cab, non-JBL setup, entune audio plus (same as your truck). This is the second aftermarket HU I've had in this truck. The first one was a Kenwood DDX6903S (which I'm selling by the way) I installed back in October of last year. I wanted to upgrade to a GPS navigation unit and settled on the Pioneer 8200 after reading many reviews. Anyway, this last install was my second experience with the Maestro setup since there really isn't much difference between how the Maestro interfaces with Kenwood units and Pioneer units. I learned most of the hard lessons with the Maestro on the first installation of the Kenwood unit, so the second installation of the Pioneer 8200 went much smoother. I agree with everything you said about the Maestro setup and experienced the exact same things... ARRRGGHHH! Unfortunate, I can't help you with your "Issue 6)" since I've never had that problem. Although, it might be something with the vehicle systems settings. I know on my 8200, you can go to the Maestro vehicle settings (on one of the HU set-up screens) and adjust different vehicle parameters like headlight timer, door lock functions, etc.

Have you figured out how to defeat the parking brake lockout which prevents you from watching a DVD while the vehicle is in motion? On my old Kenwood unit, it was a simple matter of grounding out the light green wire from the HU. I did the same thing with the new Pioneer 8200 and a DVD will play fine without the parking brake on BUT as soon as the vehicle starts moving, a caution screen replaces the DVD picture warning that movies shouldn't be watched from the front seat while the vehicle is in motion (or something to that effect). I think it may be that this unit uses a speed sensing wire for GPS navigation info (my old Kenwood unit didn't have GPS nav). It may also use this speed sensing info to disable the DVD source when the vehicle is moving. I don't really know for sure. Any thoughts? Or maybe someone else will chime in with a work around.

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Thanks for the notes on the bypass guys. Not something I'm concerned about at this point, but worth pointing out for sure.

Any thoughts on the power issue from anyone else?

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Updates. I started with Maestro and spoke to one of the female support staff, who was a rockstar of knowledge and assistance. Short answer, not a head unit problem, but an issue with the Maestro!

UNCONFIRMED 4) There is no pink cable on the HU to plug in as the Maestro document demands for a pioneer
^^^ RESOLVED (non-issue), confirmed this is not an issue.

RESOLVED 3) The Maestro site and adapter packs are incomplete! On my old head unit, the plug looks like an old 1/4 stereo headphone jack. This was no where to be found in their cables. There is a part that works however (just confirmed) that plugs right into the stock location. Metra 40-LX11
^^^ UPDATE - After talking to Maestro tech support, their website and information is wrong. They do NOT have an adapter for the normal FM/AM radio and you have to use anther manufacture! So while they claim they retain functions, their retaining function in this situation includes having no FM/AM :D So... buy the aftermarket adapter.

ISSUE 6) I can't get the HU to auto turn off with the key!
^^^ UPDATE - This is where we spent most of our time. We went through a ton of voltage tests, confirmation of setup, and basically found that on the red/black and black wire on their adapter harness (before the Maestro), there is still ~5v (should be 12 on, 0 off) when the car is off. This is enough to trigger the Maestro to think the vehicle is still in accessory and not cut power. We tried a couple of quick wiring changes, but they were unsuccessful, so we took the voltage of all the leads on the adapters. This is going to engineering tomorrow AM and I should be receiving a wiring change or firmware to test hopefully tomorrow.

New issues I've found:
ISSUE 7) TPMS does not retain the settings. They are back-feeding TPMS with power (one of the fixes we tried removing), and I have to manually have it check temp (in addition to PSI) every time I start the car. This may come with the fix or the cabling change we made.

ISSUE 8) On the up/down through the presets button, sometimes it will skip all the way to 1 or 6, regardless of which direction was pushed. Again, no clue where, but maybe a firmware change will resolve.
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