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Hi. First time posting a build. Figured it might be of interest to some considering the Eibach Pro Truck Sport front struts. I set them on the lowest setting. There are 3 prescribed settings: lowest = 0 lift, middle = 1" lift, highest = 2" lift on average. However, on the lowest setting I did get right at 1" lift. I assume because I'm 2WD. I'm sure if I had the front diff and skid plate that would probably net no lift on the lowest setting.

Front Suspension:
Maxtrac 3.5 Spindles.
Eibach Pro Truck Sport front struts with stock spring

(The MaxTrac Spindles were pretty easy to install. I used instructions from BDS bracket lift to answer the questions I had about some of the take down, install and torque settings. The MaxTrac instructions were decent and probably good enough for someone with a lot of experience. The Eibachs were a shot in the dark. I've had Bilsteins before and familiar with the ride and install. I put them on lowest setting and used the spring off the Stock Tokico struts. I would have been happy with no lift from them since I was running a 33.5" tire, but after all said and done glad I got the 1" since I didn't have to do any trimming. I did remove front mud flaps. Only rub currently is full turn in reverse. As for ride, pretty close to stock. A little stiffer, but not by much. A little less lean in the turns, but not by much.)

Rear Suspension:
Coachbuilder Shackles +3 (1.75")
1" Cast Iron block
Fox 2.0 Performance Shocks

(Not much to add here other than I used the thread from the engineer that built/constructed the plumbers pipe and parts to remove the rear leaf spring bushings. Went seamless for me other than I recommend you use two 8" bolts. Home depot sells them so you don't have to buy the more expensive all thread. I used two because the first one was not in good enough condition to be used for the second bushing. I also have a pic of the other side of this job which some were wanting. Will post if I can. Additionally, I'm not happy with the cast iron block as it doesn't truly sit flush against the leaf spring and axle top. Its really close, but not perfect like an aluminum block. But, then aluminum breaks. I would have used the Eibach rear shocks since they are good for 0-3" lift, I know they say 0-2", but agree with Wheelers that their length probably works for up to 3" lift. But, I already had them from my prior Tundra that didn't get many miles.)

Raceline Gunner 20x9, +25 offset.
Atturo Trail Blade XT tires 305/55R20
Bora 1" Spacers for the rear only

(Wheels are nice. It did take a lot of weights to balance them. More than I've ever had to add. The 25 offset is perfect as I will be adding fender flares and that should get them really close to perfect. Love, love, love the tires. I've had Nitto and Toyo. Not saying these are better. Its just for the price I really can't tell the difference. The 1" bora spacers evened up the rear wheels perfectly with the front. The front track width increases by 1" on each side with the MaxTrac spindles.)


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