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Was poking around the vanity and map light bulb slots recently with needle nose pliers. Funny you say? It is now.
Since Toyota can't give us any really useful information in the owners manual and the inter-web is about as reliable as a FB post from Russia for meaningful information, I found out...
There are two dome fuses in your engine bay compartment box:
One is a blue rectangular $ 20.00 fuse (don't mess with this one)
But on the the right side of the box is the $ 0.75 fuse that is your likely target
Buy the stubbiest mini fuse they sell. "Mini" doesn't always mean it's short enough for your box
That fuse is not in the interior box by the e-brake pedal
The second thing I found out is you are a dumb ... if you mess with those bulbs and don't remove the fuse first.
(sorry I sell drugs, I'm only a novice mechanic- especially with wiring)

Some of the LED vanity lights that are sold are too large for the prongs to hold them. I squeezed them down a little and they fit nicely. You can see them from outer space now...
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