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2014 Backup Camera On Anytime

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I decided to post this again in the DIY section since theres been alot of requests for it and it was originally a post buried in another thread.

This was done on my 2014 Toyota Tundra CM SR5 w/ TRD Off Road Entune System where the Backup Camera video is displayed on the Navigation screen and NOT the Rear View Mirror.

Problem: The need to view the backup camera but not being in reverse. This might be necessary when pulling in to a garage/parking space or when keeping an eye on a hitch when towing.

The legal stuff: This is what I did, you dont have to do it and if you do and f something up (break your truck, crash, kill someone) at least have the decency to take the responsibility. In fact I am telling you NOT to do this mod, it is for educational purposes only.

The Solution: Locate reverse (yellow wire)

Follow it back past the loom on the harness. cut the tape and open the loom covering the harness. Then cut the reverse wire there, connect a diode (band side closest to head unit wire harness) making sure to put a wire on the headunit side of the diode. This will ensure that when triggering the backup camera to come on you dont turn on your reverse lights and possibly confuse people behind you.

locate ignition (thin grey wire) and follow it back past the loom on the harness. attach to the ignition wire here. see above pic circle in green

Route both wires to your switch and attach. This of course assumes you have dremeled the home for the switch.

I have not needed to run this for any extended period of time, only for about 60 seconds on average. I did however test it once for 10 minutes and the video remained the entire time while driving. There may be issues with heat from the camera possibly discoloring or damaging the backup camera housing. Or there may be issues with running this for longer times but this fits my needs just fine.
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Like this, but never messed with diodes or anything...
diodes are simple enough, lights are one use and being able to prevent polarity from traveling in a circuit like this is another use.
What if I just want to have the ability to input addresses and while moving, do I just need to cut the white wire? I have the jbl entune navigation system that came with my 2014 tundra 1794 edition, let me know. Thanks,
see navigation lockout thread under my signature. you would just put a switch on the white wire pictured above.
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Awesome write up, thanks. Question, could you elaborate on the diode? I have never seen or purchased one so I am completely ignorant on them. Happen to have a part number or a location to buy? Would Radio Shack have what I need? TIA!
Diodes & Rectifiers - Diode & Rectifier Component Parts | RadioShack

first one should work fine.

a diode just prevents positive from going through (one direction) and negative the other direction. an l.e.d. is a diode that lights up, you could use an led even but thats probably doing to much to accomplish this mod.
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Tagging this for future reference - thanks!
Very cool mod, might be nice to keep an eye on things while towing.

This may be a dumb question, but with the current setup you not only get the camera to turn on automatically when the truck is in reverse... but also when you flip the "manual" switch too right?
It should be the same wire for reverse trigger on 07+, correct?
Hey, amazing write up on this. I've been waiting all winter to do it. Just wanted a nice spring day to go out and mess with the wiring. Quick question though. you posted this link a while back, so who knows what the first one was when you wrote that. The first one listed now is a CdS Photoresistor 5-pack. Any chance you could paste a link to a specific diode that would work?? I think I can handle the rest of the process fine, just don't want to fry my screen from using a diode that's too small. 1-amp? 3-amp??

Thanks! gonna go check out some BUC switches on ebay.
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1N4001 Micro 1A Diodes : Diodes |

thatll work, there sure shouldnt be 1amp heading into the head unit
Finally have all my parts(ordered my switch but it was the wrong one and had to send it back) and finally got the diode.

Quick question? how do I know which direction to wire in the diode? does the side with the silver strip go towards or away from the entune? and yours looks like it's just hanging out between the connectors. Should it be shrink wrapped so it doesn't short anything out?? Can't wait to get this done!
a diode, also that's what an led is, allows polarity+ or - to flow in only one direction. so + only goes from the side without the silver bands to the side with silver band. - does the opposite. you want the reverse wire+ supply from yourswitch to go to entune and not back into the dash ie the reverse lights, otherwise the reverse lights would come on. so the silver band needs to be closer to the entune and your switch+ needs to be on the silver band side too.
has anyone done this for the 2012 Tundra?
Also after doing this mod, does the back up camera still work normally, meaning if the switch is off, and you put the truck in reverse, does it still come on automatically?
Yes, it'll still work just like normal when the switch isn't on. The camera turns on when it gets power from being put in reverse, that'll still be the same. All you're doing is making an additional way for the camera to get power. Basically you're tricking the camera into thinking you're in reverse.
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Thank you for the reply, has anyone done this on a 2012 DC??? Is it the same set up?
I'm disappointed. I've collected all the parts I need to set up my backup camera for this mod, but a few days ago(for the second time since owning it) I've started my truck and the touch screen has stayed black. The radio still works, all the physical buttons work, but the screen is just black. the first time I restarted the truck and it was fine. The second time I drove for a few minutes, and right as I put the truck in part to restart it, the screen popped back on. If by some chance it happens to do it more and I need to see about getting it replaced under warranty, the last thing I need is for them to deny my claim because they can see I've backed into the wires behind the stereo. I guess this one is on hold for me for now.
you need to get it to the dealer and show them the problem. get it documented. you may be sucessful with updating the head unit. i actually just took mine in and had them order a new head unit. Of course I did have them see issues previously.
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