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Looking at getting a new tundra (2013 or possibly 2014). I have some questions on accessories on the 2013 tundra. I would be looking at the rock warrior in a double cab.

I do some off road riding (dirt roads/logging roads) and tow a dual axel trailer with up to 4 atvs on it (plus a bed full of gear, water and gas cans).

TRD dual exhaust. Is there a noticeable power increase? Also how much would a TRD Performance Air Intake increase power? Any impact to MPG with these 2 options. Also how is the noise level compared to stock?

TRD sway bar. Does this help any when compared to stock?

I would also be adding the remote starter, black tube steps and under seat storage.

Any recommendations on a mild lift kit/leveling kit? Would still be running stock tires/wheels so I am only looking to make sure the truck sits level and only increase the height by a few inches.

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