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I have a 2012 Toyota Tundra 5.7L with about 98k miles. It had the classic milky residue on the oil cap which I attributed to the cold weather in western New York but I have recently noticed slight coolant use and then when I checked the oil, the dipstick had a bit of milky condensation on the end of it.

I figured I would change the oil and see what the oil looked like when I drained it - no noticeable water when draining. I poured the oil into a clear jug and let it settle overnight with no noticeable water in the oil. Before adding new oil I cleaned the oil cap and removed the oil filler neck and cleaned that as well. After the oil change, I took the truck on about a 100 mile drive and then checked the coolant and oil again immediately after turning the engine off - the coolant went down about 1/8" on the expansion tank and the oil filler neck was white and milky once again. I figured if I was getting coolant in the oil that if I pulled the dipstick immediately after driving I would see milky residue throughout the dipstick and not just at the tip since it wouldn't have time to settle like when I checked it the first time. Maybe there is still a bit of condensation in the dip stick tube that i am collecting on the tip with I drag out the dipstick?

I cannot find any other leaks in the coolant system (hoses, radiator, water pump) and it holds pressure very well even after cooling for about 3 hrs the cap has regular pressure when relieved. The exhaust has no signs of white smoke or sweet smelling exhaust so I really don't think it is burning the coolant (so no head gasket leak). I cannot attribute the milky substance to condensation from cold weather and short drives because it returned within a 100 mile trip which is more than ample to burn off condensation. I am not getting any codes or errors. I am using coolant but only slightly - it has to be going somewhere.

If anyone has any insight I would greatly appreciate it!

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