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2011 Tundra starts nice but immediately stalls out.

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Thanks for any help. My 2011 Tundra, 5.7 stalled out on the highway the other day while slowing to turn off. I’m getting a few codes. P0101 Mass or Volume Air Flow Circuit Range/Performance, P0102 Mass or Volume Air Flow Circuit Low Input, P0103 Mass or Volume Air Flow Circuit High Input, P0113 Intake Air Temperate Sensor 1 Circuit High Input, P1614 Secondary Air Injection System Driver Bank2, P0300 Random Misfire Detected. The truck acted like it ran out of fuel. I tried starting it again and it started but chugged ahead a bit and eventually stalled. It did that several times. There was plenty of fuel in it, between 1/4 and 1/2 a tank, but I added another 25 litres. At first I stupidly went and got new MAF sensor and installed but it still stayed the same. Starts up great, does the normal rev up to 1500-2000 rpm then as it settles down it just stalls out. I have no Schroeder valve on it so I in hooked the fuel line at the engine and stuck it in a jug while I rolled it over and plenty of fuel is getting there. I’ve cleaned the throttle body and checked the intake plenum etc. I’ve checked fuel pump relay etc. I’m wondering if it could be the fuel pump resistor or fuel pump regulator, maybe a ground issue? Any insight would be great. Thanks.
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I had the exact problem with my 2000 Tundra. For me, it turned out to be the mass air flow sensor. After I cleaned it, the truck ran great again. Here’s a link to a YouTube video showing what to do.
I had the exact problem with my 2000 Tundra. For me, it turned out to be the mass air flow sensor. After I cleaned it, the truck ran great again. Here’s a link to a YouTube video showing what to do.
Yea that was the first thing I checked. New MAF sensor and still issue persists. Thanks though.
I had a very similar problem with my 2013 Rock Warrior (5.7). Long story short, it wound up being the fuel pump control module that is mounted on the left inner frame adjacent to the rear wheel.
There is only one nut holding this in place and it is easy to get to...
Well, what a horrible place to mount this unit, as it is very susceptible to water and road salt penetration. This controls the voltage going to the fuel pump and the part number is: 89571-34070.
Although technically a sealed unit, I pried my old one apart and the water and road salt had reached the inside. It was a mess.

I now carry an extra one or two with me. I have seen these on Ebay for as low as $25.00. The dealer retail is around $375.00.
I actually purchased two used ones that fit fit the 2013-2020 Lexus GS-350 (same part number) as these must be mounted in an area that is not susceptible to the elements, as they look brand new! I would not buy a used one for a Tundra, as these are all exposed o the elements.
There are a bunch of these new units on Ebay right now. I elected to go used, as I thought that these would be actually genuine Toyota original equipment. Some of these on Ebay may be from China... Who knows... I can not speak to the quality/

Here is one that I recently purchased on Ebay: 2013-2020 LEXUS GS350 FUEL PUMP CONTROL MODULE 89571-34070 OEM 13-20 - $US 25.00

Here a few photos to show you what these look like. The 2nd photo shows the Tundra bracket. If you look immediately above the rear left wheel/tire and look at the frame, you will see the nut. The module is immediately on the back side of the frame.

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Thank you. Fuel pump control module is suspected for sure. I elected to take it to a professional. I got tired of it once I had narrowed it down to electrical. I’m hopeful it’s a wire issue under the fuse panel under the hood. When I look down into it there is evidence of a mouse or squirrel being in there, but tearing the panel apart wasn’t something I wanted to get into. Thanks for the insight and I’ll be sure to post the remedy.
Please do let us know!
I have also had my share of mice getting in and getting lodged in the Heat/AC system - Smells Great!

Here are pics of my "old" module that failed.
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Of stalling trouble 2007 5.7L had the same start/stall issue. Dealer replaced the Vacuum Solenoid Valve. No new issues after 2 years. The part was #90910-12276. It's likely the # has been superceded...IDK. Learned after that the part is easy to replace.
Ok, so the mechanic that I took it to has narrowed it down some. Fuel pump is ok and works when we cross it over, truck runs around the yard fine. He wants to get some more info through his circle of Toyota mechanics, but it’s looking like the fuel pump control module is the issue. In the meantime, I’m going to purchase one and have it ready. I run my own farm here so it’s not an immediate need to have the truck. Thanks for the help everyone. Cheers.
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