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Hi, sorry if this has an answer posted already but I couldn’t find it when searching for it.

My 2008 Tundra with 5.7 with 160,000 miles has started having starting issues. Other than starting it runs fine. About 6 months ago it would intermittently not turn over when I tried to start it. Dealer ran codes and said it was key fob to computer recognition issue and would be $2500 to fix. I ended up getting stranded out of town and had it towed to another dealer who ended up saying the negative battery cable was bad. They repaired the cable and it has ran great until about a month ago.

So recently it intermittently starting having issues again. It will start, run for 5 seconds and then stall, then if you try to start it again it will just crank and crank but won’t start. I have to wait about 2 minutes and then start it again and it usually will run fine after that... I took it to the local dealer again and they’re saying it’s the key fob to computer issue again and it’s $2500 to fix.

Any other thoughts? A friend of mine said he thought fuel issue??? Thanks for any help in advance.
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