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Hello all, been looking to by a Tundra for a while and the right model is being sold by a friend of a friend...

2008 SR5 4x4 with Towing Package; ~130,00000 miles.

Everything appeared to be in great shape and we do have some trust in the seller. However, in looking at the truck, I saw the bubbles by the middle two bolts in the LineX spray on liner. The two bolts closest to the cabin have some bubbling, but not as bad as the middle. I actually did not think much of it when I left to "think about it" (the bubbles are hard, which was strange to me).

I do believe the owner did not notice since it is coming from underneath. He sent me pics after I left letting me know about the rust... super honest in my opinion. My googling and forum reading has now lead me to this post :) I attached a couple pics.

The price was definitely right in my opinion based on a search on Autotrader and online values... 10K and could probably have gotten it for 9.5K. I was ready to pull the trigger because I felt it was too good to pass up before the rust issue was discovered. I have been looking for a truck for a while and never found one with similar specs, mileage, etc at this price (or within 2K honestly).

But with the rust problem, is it even worth buying/haggling? I think he would sell it of 9K (maybe 8.5K if I share how bad the rust can/will be). I am guessing to fix it right will cost 1-2K in the DC metro area. But do I need to fix it completely "right"? We will tow with this truck, but bed will be used like a "normal" homeowner. However, I am one to keep cars/trucks forever, so not looking for something I will regret buying in 5 years. And we do no "need" the truck right now, but again, was thinking it was too good to pass up prior to finding rust issue.

Thanks for any insight!


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