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New here. Need suggestions.
I have a 2008 Tundra 4.7l 4x4 DC 175k+ leveling kit 22in rims running 33s I believe.

Some time ago I noticed a vibration under the cab around 45 mph at 1500-1600 rpms almost similar to going over the rumble strip on the road but not as aggressive. The vibration stops when i take foot off the gas and will stop when rpms hit 2000 or when mph reaches 50. Does not do this at any other speed or rpm.
Took the truck in for timing belt at dealership. Mentioned the vibration to them, they tell me I have a worn rear wheel bearing on passenger. Take truck to local shop to have the wheel bearing done to save money.
After picking the truck up from local shop driving home I notice this vibration again so I'm assuming it's not the wheel bearing.
The truck is not under any warranty so I'm hoping someone here can give me suggestions on what it may be.
I've read numerous forums of other people having similar issues from u-joints to Torque Converter to rear diff. But I have not read one that has the same exact issue.
If anyone can give insight it would be much appreciated.
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