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I've got the magazine issue w/ all the tables and specs posted and I didn't see it in the posted goes: 0-60 towing, Ram 19.7/ F-150 21.2/ GMC 19.6/ Titan 18.6/ Tundra 19.5 winner Titan...but wait that's not all...
0-30 towing, Ram 7.3/ F150 7.9/ GMC 7.6/ Titan 6.2/ Tundra 6.3 Titan by a nose...
But check this out!: 40-60 towing..real world situation: Ram 10.8/ F150 12.0/ GMC 12.3/ Titan 10.1/ Tundra 7.7...that's more like it! Unless the TrailerBoats magazine has a misprint...that's smoking. I never jack-rabbit from a red light while towing my boat....but passing on 461 in Ky going to Lake Cumberland, I'll push it then, getting around Sanford and Son in his piece of sh#t rolling road block! Most people want the 40~60mph accellerating abilities...and this truck smokes the others!! Can't wait to get the boat back next week!!
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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