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Hello -

This is my first post here and you will soon find out why.

I've searched and read other posts for '07's and up and cannot find my exact problem, similar but not exact.

This is a late 2006 build.

Upon decel at exactly 30mph and under there is the dreaded rumble strip vibration. Zero issues on acceleration even under load.

We have taken the driveshaft out and had it refurbished at a well known local driveshaft specialist who said it was way out of balance and the center carrier bearing was bad. Center carrier was replaced and the shaft was balanced ($275) No U-joints were replaced.

Re-installed driveshaft and the vibration is still there.

Removed driveshaft and put into 4-wheel drive so only the front axel was working. Vibration went away.

Now we are looking at the rear diff.

I google Tundra rumble strip and here I am seeing posts on transmission torque converters, front diff carrier TSB's for 2007 models and am drawing a blank.

Any thoughts are welcome and will be much appriciated!

Thank you!


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