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Hello Folks - (Posted also in General Discussion, but guess that's not the right place. :)

First time as a user, but have 'perused' many threads before. I have a problem and can't get an answer, so am hoping the experts here can assist.

Have replaced the brakes all-around on the tundra, and was hooking up the last caliper on the passenger side. It has a slow leak from the caliper/line connection. I pulled the caliper (remanufacture as I couldn't afford the dealers $500 caliper ) and it was just the milled cone in the hole where the brake line threads. I could have sworn there were brass(?) compression rings in the driver's side, where there was no problem reconnecting, and also in the old calipers. Was I dreaming? Parts guys didn't have a clue and now I don't either.

If not, any thoughts on why I have the slow leak? Line? Everything looked fine and to confess I took the first caliper back and got another with no ring either.

Any help appreciated as I can't find any info anywhere on the line to caliper hookup!

Thanks and Best Regards!
- Mike S.


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