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Hi, i'm at my wits end searching every site I can, even the other makes, just to get some ideas.

My truck is a 2001 4.7 V8 2WD SR5 with about 180K miles.

Couple of weeks back my dad started having issues with my truck, which he drives most of the time. He said the problem started after he vacuumed the interior and area around the seat belts. After taking out for a drive the truck left him stranded and would not start. He walked to a auto parts store and started replacing fuses in the drivers side dash. Him being old and without reading glasses put whatever closest fuse he had into the box. I saw some 15 amp fuses in 5 amp slots. Anyways the truck worked off and on for a few more days, he said everytime it stopped working, he replaced some fuses and it worked...for awhile...By the time I had a chance to see what was wrong with the truck, I slipped the keys in the ignition and turned the engine, nothing happened. Power was on but no response from the engine at all. I thought it was maybe the engine kill switch that came with the old factory alarm that was shutting the engine off. The alarm dash light would constantly blink. So I took apart the whole alarm, reconnected the spliced wires under the steering wheel. I try turning the engine and this time the engine turns over and over, but won't fire up! After a few tries, the battery appears dead. I park my corolla next to the truck, jump it and try again...won't fire up, engine turns over and over but nothing.

So my dad thinks maybe the fuel pump is bad, he replaces it with a new one and still won't start. in fact it seems there was no power getting to the fuel priming. So we pull the fuel pump, wire it directly to the battery and the pump works. We try the old pump and it works too. Somehow power is not getting to the fuel pump. I check the fuse box in the engine bay, even replaced the fuel pump relay. Still wont start. I swap the EFI and open/close relay and nothing changes. with the Key on, I can hear an electrical humming coming from the rear of the engine with the relays in place. So I get under the truck, check all the wires, pull the tank back down, recheck the connections, all looks fine. but no power to fuel pump. So I grab an extra wire and wire the pump directly to the battery. This runs the pump and I can hear fuel flowing through the hoses into the engine. We crank the engine and it turns over and over, but still won't fire up! We crank the engine while i'm powering the fuel pump with the direct wire and still nothing.

So at this point, i'm thinking my dad killed the ECM with the initial fuse issues. I ordered a replacement ECM off ebay for $34 and reconnected everything. Turn the key on and engine turns over but still won't fire up!

I really don't know where to go next. HELP!
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