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This is for posterity.

I know just enough about cars to be dangerous. Several motor swaps, clutches, fixed several problems via the interwebs. I buy a Tundra that won't run because of the dealer-installed alarm for a heck of a deal. Can't get it running until I finally get so mad that I hold the button down on the remote. Go figure, that's how you reset the darn thing (found manual online later, this trick has come in handy when the battery dies).

Previous owner abused the truck along with drugs. 240k on the clock with a good bit as a landscaping rig pulling a trailer. In OD, the truck was sputtering so I put it in D and have been using it that way for the last year. One day I throw a code. Misfire on 8. Pull the coil and there is oil. Replace the stem seals and valve cover gasket and put in new plugs (NGK). Clean up the coil and swap it out with 6, just in case another code comes up. Still stutters. I chock it up to a failing trans.

Share my troubles with a mechanic along the way and he thinks its still misfiring. Tells me to drive it hard to get it to throw a code. It did. Something about the output shaft sensor on the trans detecting a different speed than input speed. I'm thinking, oh yeah I have a trans problem. Using this site, I do the full 16 quart trans change with Mobile 1. Still stutters. That was an expensive guess.

Fast forward several months. Wife's 07 Honda Fit with 200k starts sputtering and it's a manual. Thinking it was a clutch, I go on the webs and find all sorts of info over there about coil packs. Pull the boots off, clean the corrosion and dialectic grease on all the joints. I can't believe it, but it works.

So I get the idea to go over to the Tundra with the tube of Dialectic grease and lather up coil 6 and 8 (just in case). Holy crap. That was all it was. SMH at my stupidity.

So if you are having stuttering without revs increasing (trans slipping), try a little dialectic grease in the coil packs. The "rebuild" kit for these is kind of a joke but its DENSO 6718184. The boot pops off. Grease both ends of the new spring and zip it all back up. I needed it because I broke the boot on 6, but if you are careful you can get away with just the grease.
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