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I have a 2000 Tundra. (1) I'd like to install an RV 7 blade socket on the bumper. Underneath, there's an oem socket with 7 wires coming in the back of it. Is this socket for plugging in a 7 wire RV harness? (2) Where can I get a harness that will plug into the seven wire oem socket and terminate with a 7 blade RV receptacle on the bumper? (2) For an electric brake controller, is there a socket under the dash, or maybe behind the left kick panel? (3) If I plug into the oem 7 wire socket under the truck, must there be a converter in between that socket and the 7 blade RV receptacle on the bumper? (4) How do I determine if my truck is "tow ready?" (5) What is the best brand on brake controller? (6) Here's a diagram showing the oem 7 wire socket with a wiring harness that plugs into it and terminates with a flat 4 pin for a utility trailer. THANK YOU.
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