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2001 Tundra 4.7L V8 2WD
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New to the forum and have been battling an issue since the fall. My 01 Tundra 4.7 V8 2WD (180,000 miles) is struggling to start in warm weather only. It's particularly in direct sunlight that I see the problem consistently. It's always when the truck is dead cold or has set up for at least 6 or so hours after parking. The truck cranks..... and cranks.... and cranks... no start. It spits and sputters like it wants to start and sometimes I see smoke out of the tailpipe. The second time turning the key the truck starts and runs like a top. Never any issues when running. Note: Once it's starts and as long as it hasn't been given time (hours) to cool off, the engine will continue to start fine in heat/sunlight. Again, it's only in warm direct sunlight! There is no check engine light, no codes.

I replaced a laundry list of items: fuel pump, fuel filter, fuel pressure regulator, battery is less than a year old, throttle position sensor, cleaned the MAF, cleaned the throttle body, replaced NGK spark plugs to the recommended Denso plugs, PCV valve, and probably forgetting stuff... I have eyeballed a few other items to replace as well but haven't pulled the trigger. I have considered the crank position sensor, fuel injector leak, fuel cap, cam position sensor, vapor canister, even the water temp sensors, battery cables... I am all out of options.

By the way, the water pump and timing chain were replaced at 140,000 (I'm the second owner). Also, it may be important to note that this issue seemed to arise several months after I replaced the valve cover gaskets. I doubt there's any correlation but figured I'd mention it.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! I'm a little tired of the willy nilly replacing parts with no results. I have searched forums far and wide.

P.S. Is the crank position sensor usually all or nothing? Or, can it linger and not throw a light or code?

Please help!
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