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Been here a while now just haven’t posted but I think I’m finally gonna get a thread going on what I’ve done to the truck.

Powder coated some of the lift components Harley red

Procomp lift
Fox 2.5 factory race front (waiting for the back on back order...)
Icon billet UCAs
CB shims 2 left and right
CB shackles +3
CB steering links
Pretty much all his upgraded stuff

Forgive me the center cap wasn’t installed yet

22x12 -44 fuel forged FF11 all gloss black with no rivets and milling on 37x13.5 open country’s with spiked lugs

Lighting all interior lights upgraded from vled
Reverse and cargo lamp led as well
Headlights HID (need to get on my retro fit)
Fogs rigid radiance pod (amber)
8 rock lights so far rigid amber as well 4 more to go. I put 4 in the wheel wells and 4 for my steps. I cut out the PoS blueish lights that came with my amps.

Audio TT 1b system with 2 ID 12s and recurve matter back wall
Just dynomatted the front doors inside panel and out but I think I’m gonna upgrade the front components as well and need to figure out how to get more bass cause I’m a bit of a basshead lol still trying to figure that out.
Phoenix radio 12.1 inch that’s gonna get ripped out this weekend cause it sucks balls and it acts up all the time and the manufacturer is no help.

Amp research power steps

Pending projects that still need to be completed
30 radiance amber for the lower bumper
Ditch lights rigid midnight D2s
Deadening rear doors floor and roof
Hood bulge light bar right now I have the Rago gonna slap it in and see how it looks if not then I’ll sell that and do the nsv
Powdercoating front sway bar and other little pieces here and there to get it to really

I’m lost I’ll think of anything I missed this is taking too long lol

Oh and spod can’t forget that beauty that thing is so freaking helpful and it looks clean inside the cab too

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