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I recently changed the oil and filter on my 2013 Tundra 5.7L FFV at 505 miles. I let it drain for a good hour or two. I used a new Toyota filter element. I put in 8 quarts of oil and the diptstick level read about a quarter of the way up from the low mark. So I added another half quart and it reads about one quarter below the high mark. I think the engine oil cooler lines (tow package) add an additional quantity above the advertised 7.9 qts for oil and filter change. It could be as much as a quart higher.

I suspect that if you handed the tech 2 one gallon jugs of AMSOIL, he probably spilled some too. Those big jugs are easy to spill when they are full.

Thanks for the post. I'll probably go with a 30 grade oil in the future too.
1 - 4 of 71 Posts
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