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0w-20 vs 0w30

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This is not a motor oil question or review, just an experience. I took my truck to the dealer last saturday for them to change my oil (first mistake). I bought 2 gallons of amsoil ss 0w-30, knowing our truck takes 7.9quarts. 1 gallon equals 4 quarts, so 8 quarts of oil and an amsoil filter. The dealer calls me back and states that I have the wrong kind of oil, the truck takes 0w-20. I tell them that I know, and that I want to use 0w-30 because I tow. The dealer then tells me that the 0w-30 may cause a check engine light!!! I told her she was full of it and go ahead and change it.
Two hours later, they call me back and the truck is ready, but it is a quart low on oil! I hit the roof! After much deliberation about their intelligence, I speak with the tech, and he claims that the amsoil fiter is larger than the toyota filter.? When I check the oil, of course it is not a quart low, just a hair below the full line.

Anyway, I wanted to let anyone know who is on the fence about using 0w-20 or 0w-30 There is no check engine light that warns you have the wrong oil, and that the truck is VASTLY quieter and smoother with 0-30. I never liked all the clank clank and diesel sounds my truck made with the 20 weight oil. It is like a whole different beast (ie, no clanking) now that I switched to 30 weight. I will never put that 20 in the truck again! I don't care what the book says about 20 weight, I want my truck to last, and 30 is the way to go for me!! No noticeable drop in MPG either.:machinegunner:
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I saw 1mpg drop from the dealer once putting in 5-20 vs 0-20.

It was instantly, one tank of fuel, 1mpg less.

As for 0-20vs0-30 I can't tell you.

I live in Mi, even in summer, if it's really hot it may hit 90, tops 100 for a few days out of the year. Short drives.... I am more than happy with 0-20 and in actuality I found my engine is quieter with 0-20 than it was with 5-20.

To each their own. I will tell you that manufacturing tolerances are a lot tighter now than ever before when you are talking about internals of an engine. Engines now last far longer than they used to on average, and they also call for thinner oil, and synthetic blended at the least. Oils have also came a really long way since when I was 16 and my grandpa handed me a case of 15-40 oil for my mustang with 80k miles that was noisy and said it would quiet it down... Then again, back then fuel was .90/gal. so fuel economy didn't matter one bit.

Food for thought. 10 years ago it was not uncommon to have a 2cycle piece of equipment that ran 32:1 or 40:1. Now they are all 50:1, you can run any 2 cycle outdoor power equipment at 50:1 if tuned properly and will not have an issue and actually will have less issues because you will not have clogged spark arrestors nor will you have clogged exhaust ports or stuck carbon'd up rings (assuming you run good fuel). Hell, with amsoil you can supposedly run same equipment at 100:1. AND yet everyone is worried about 0-20 vs 0-30... We are literally talking that the oil has came so far that you can run an engine that lubricates itself with oil mixed in the fuel on less than half the oil it recommended years ago when it was a high tech engine...

Food for thought.

Carry on.
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