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Good Afternoon,

First time posting on this site and can't thank everyone enough for their input here. There is so much information to be garnered.

So I am still up in the air about DC vs CM and honestly am contemplating pulling straws to decide. Also struggling with new vs used. Many of the used ones in my area are close to the price of the new ones. I think its down to an 08 DC Limited Certified that the dealer wants 26k or a '13 CM SR5 for 33k?

Thanks in advance,


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Generally speaking, a CM will cost more than a DC with all other features remaining the same but it will also be worth more if/when you sell it; after all, it costs a lot more to add space to the cab vs. the bed. With that said, the decision on which to get usually boils down to what you plan to do with your truck. If you will need a bed that is larger then the CM is not for you. In other words, if you haul stuff in the bed a lot then a DC may be better for you. Out of the two trucks you mentioned, sight unseen, I would haggle that 33k price down a bit and get the 2013, would much rather have a brand new vehicle than one that is 5 years old, even if it is certified.
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