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I have run BFG MTs on a few trucks/jeeps, and they ride pretty good for a MT. They wear better then any other MT I have seen.

Ya, I dont buy those being 35s. But I have not measured the stock tires. My fast math comes to somthing close to 32 and close to 11 wide they dont look that much bigger. But, I would think a 33X12.5 would fit. But I just did some homework and they do make a 35X12.5 with an 18 rim. They dont make a 33. The bad news is that I dont see that they make a AT in a 275/65-18 or a 33X12.5

Ok, so they are probably 35s. I guess that is only 1.5ish taller and 1.7ish wider.

Hmm maybe I need some of these.
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