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Went with the one size up K02's - 275/60/r20 . They look good to me. Needed 4 new TPMS since the 3 of the 4 were un-serviceable. Not sure if Tread Quarters was trying to get some extra money out of me. I negotiated the cost down to $100 for all 4 installed so it wasn't that bad since they normally charge $200 for 4. Here was the breakdown of the bill:

K02's price matched under Costco's price with current $70 off - ~$300ea installed - $1200
Alignment - $ 90
TPMS - $100
Road Hazard on all 4 - $50

With Tax it ended up being $1440 otd

Also a pic since I couldn't find a lot of out there of beefier tires rolling on stock 20's

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