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  1. Will it fit?
    I'm looking at the Icon Bandit wheels (20x10 with a -24mm offset) I'm currently running 35x12.50's with minimal rubbing but thinking this wheels is going to require some cutting... is anyone running this wheel or something similar? I will be installing the Icon stage 5 as soon as a backorder...
  2. Will it fit?
    I have a 2015 double cab 2015 tundra Tire size 250 70r18. If I get new wheels that are 17x8.5 will they fit with the tires
  3. Wheel Reviews
    While putting my spare on my 2019 I noticed that 2 lug nuts were cracked on the flange just before the washer. I checked my other wheels and sure enough they all had at least one nut cracked. I urge everyone to check theirs before you wind up having to drill out the lugs because the degradation...
  4. Tire Reviews
    Good Day all, Looking to possibly drop size from stock 20" wheels to 18". Has any one done it? If so, what +/- differences have you noticed? Thanks all!
  5. Tundra Wheels & Tires
    I bought my '14 Tundra and the previous owner put on KMC XD775 20x10's (305x55x20) and I was just looking to buy a spare wheel & tire since the existing spare is an 18" (255x70x18) and if I have to put it on life will be interesting to say the least (it winds up being about 1" diameter...
  6. Tundra Wheels & Tires
    I have a 2019 Tundra 2WD CrewMax on Terra Grappler G2 295/65R20 with a 2.5"/3" leveling kit. I'm currently running Ultra Motorsport Gunner wheels with 1.25" spacers. I'm looking for new wheels but am having a hard time figuring out what offset I would need in order to get rid of the spacers. If...
  7. For Sale
    Hey guys, I have a set of these on my 09' and need help pricing them. I've found unpainted sets for 895.00 on Ebay but haven't been able to find a single set in this finish. Overall condition is excellent on three wheels and good on fourth (picture included shows chip in paint from some A**hole...
  8. Tundra Wheels & Tires
  9. Tires and Wheels

    Tires and Wheels
  10. Tires and Wheels

    Tires and Wheels
  11. Tires and Wheels

    Tires and Wheels
  12. Tires and Wheels

    Tires and Wheels
  13. 20 inch Wheels

    The wheels on my 2006 Tacoma
1-15 of 15 Results