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  1. Tundra General Discussion
    Alright guys. I have a 2010, crew cab limited, 5.7 with the JBL speaker package. I bought a used 2011 head unit with NAV, also for a JBL speaker system. Went in flawless, harness matched up fine, and powered up fine, even showed the “loading system”. All speakers work, and steering wheel...
  2. tecate tundra rack side

    nice reflection of the hellas on the windseild
  3. tecate tundra front rack

    6 Hella lights low in front of wideseild..
  4. tecate tundra side front

    fuel 18x9 with 35"
  5. tecate tundra back

    I still have to fabricate a back bumper..will remove spare and try to keep the back very thin
  6. tecate tundra fender

    4" flare fiberwerX glass
1-6 of 6 Results