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  1. Will it fit?
    I'm looking at the Icon Bandit wheels (20x10 with a -24mm offset) I'm currently running 35x12.50's with minimal rubbing but thinking this wheels is going to require some cutting... is anyone running this wheel or something similar? I will be installing the Icon stage 5 as soon as a backorder...
  2. Tundra Suspension Talk
    I’ve got a 2018 tundra sr5 I’m looking to put a 3 or 3.5” lift in. I’d rather not switch out tire size if I can avoid it. Right now it has 275-65-18. Has anyone here had a similar situation? Would it look off if I kept these tires on or should I go with something different? Any suggestions would...
  3. Tundra TRD Pro
    2020 TRD Pro CrewMax here, with the factory Fox 2” and a ReadyLift +4. Currently running Toyo Open Country A/T III, 285/75R18, with stock BBS TRD Pro rims (PT9603420002). These rims have a +60 offset, so I have 2” SpiderTrax spacers to push the tires to the edge of the wheel wells. I’d prefer...
  4. Wheel Reviews
    While putting my spare on my 2019 I noticed that 2 lug nuts were cracked on the flange just before the washer. I checked my other wheels and sure enough they all had at least one nut cracked. I urge everyone to check theirs before you wind up having to drill out the lugs because the degradation...
  5. Tire Reviews
    Good Day all, Looking to possibly drop size from stock 20" wheels to 18". Has any one done it? If so, what +/- differences have you noticed? Thanks all!
  6. Tundra Wheels & Tires
    Hello, I am looking for a good wheel adapter for my 2012 Toyota Tundra. A family member of mine offered me a good set of rims that I can't resist to put on. That being said, the rims are for the 5x5 pattern. I am worried because I live in Montana, and the speed limit is 80mph on most roads...
  7. Tundra Wheels & Tires
    I bought my '14 Tundra and the previous owner put on KMC XD775 20x10's (305x55x20) and I was just looking to buy a spare wheel & tire since the existing spare is an 18" (255x70x18) and if I have to put it on life will be interesting to say the least (it winds up being about 1" diameter...
  8. Will it fit?
    I have a 2010 dc with a 3.5” rough country lift with lifted front struts. The kit has come with upper control arms. 18x9 +20 wheels. Has anyone put 285/75/18 duratracs on with this specific set up ? What did you deal with for rubbing on the plastics? Body mount chop ? What can I expect ?
  9. Tundra TRD Pro
    I have a 3” lift on my truck. Initially I had a set of NITTO 295/60/20 and replaced them with 305/55/20 but it still rubs. Any suggestions?
  10. Will it fit?
    Look, I’m sure this has been asked hundreds of thousands of times..... But I can’t find a straight answer lol. I have a 2018 DC TRD off road. The tires are toast. I bought certified preowned and who ever had the truck before me never rotated tires. Anyways... I’m in the market! I’ll post specs...
  11. Will it fit?
    Good Morning i have a few question i am still new to the Tundra. this is my second tundra, but my first that i will be doing a lot of mods on and right now i just ordered a 3/1 RC Level/Lift and i am looking to keep the stock 20" Rims but wanted to see who out there know about tires i done some...
  12. Tundra Suspension Talk
    No expert by any means, but did my due diligence to research what suspensions advertised being able to run 35". Tundra has been great in the desert, but I need a little more clearance for rocks. BDS Toyota Tundra 4.5" Suspension Lift Kit 2016-2019 4WD...
  13. Tires and Wheels

    Tires and Wheels
  14. Tires and Wheels

    Tires and Wheels
  15. Tires and Wheels

    Tires and Wheels
  16. Tires and Wheels

    Tires and Wheels
  17. Toytec 1 inch rear alluminum block

    pics of the Toytec 3:1 leveling kit
  18. Toytec 3 inch front spacer

    pics of the Toytec 3:1 leveling kit
1-20 of 22 Results