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  1. Tundra General Discussion
    Early this week Toyota teased that a new SUV was on its way and now the brand has confirmed it is indeed the 2023 Toyota Sequoia. This will be the third generation of the manufacturer’s large, body-on-frame three-row SUV. It will be built on the all-new 2022 Tundra’s platform, which debuted...
  2. Tundra General Discussion
    There’s a significant amount of weight to the argument that snazzy full-size pickup trucks have long supplanted the luxury sedan as this country’s preferred indulgent whip. Consider the similarities: ample power, acres of plush leather, and plenty of space in which to stretch one’s legs...
  3. Tundra General Discussion
    America’s love affair with the pickup truck is long from being over, and for good reason. Modern full-size pickup trucks are more capable, efficient, comfortable and technologically advanced than ever before. They really have become the jack-of-all-trades choice amongst the automotive world...
1-3 of 3 Results