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    I bought my '14 Tundra and the previous owner put on KMC XD775 20x10's (305x55x20) and I was just looking to buy a spare wheel & tire since the existing spare is an 18" (255x70x18) and if I have to put it on life will be interesting to say the least (it winds up being about 1" diameter...
  2. For Sale
    Hey guys, I have a set of these on my 09' and need help pricing them. I've found unpainted sets for 895.00 on Ebay but haven't been able to find a single set in this finish. Overall condition is excellent on three wheels and good on fourth (picture included shows chip in paint from some A**hole...
  3. Tundra Wheels & Tires
  4. Work In Progress

    2007 Double Cab. 24" Boss 330 Nexen 245/35/24 GT Styling Smoked Headlight, Taillight
1-4 of 4 Results