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  1. Problems: Maintenance, Warranty, Repair, Issues
    So here is the story on my 2000 Toyota Tundra Limited with 187,000 miles, I recently got a new battery and had to replace a battery terminal all that went smooth for a few weeks. Then this past Monday I went to go to work and when I turned the key nothing happened at all no sound or lights so I...
  2. Tundra General Discussion
    I'm officially taking orders for the kit, it's completely plug and play. It retains stock letters (they go on top of my letters) In it's stock form it taps into the 10A ignition fuse so they turn on whenever the key is turned or remote start is initiated. I can also do addons like dimmers...
  3. Problems: Maintenance, Warranty, Repair, Issues
    Hey all, As the title states, my interior cabin lights and the bed light on the exterior back of the cab flicker constantly when the doors are open or if they are manually turned on. The door switches seem to be ok, I tested them by checking for continuity with my volt meter. I am not sure what...
1-3 of 3 Results