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  1. Tundra Lighting/Electrical
    Hey guys I wanted to know if anyone has definitive answers as to a good switch that will fit in the factory blank oval to the left of the steering column on a first generation Tundra. I am looking to hook up some off-road LED lights. I have an 06 and our blank switch is vertical (I believe...
  2. Boat

    Pulling the boat to the lake. 2007 Reinell 207LS I/O
  3. Zombie Defense System

    50" Curved CREE LED light bar
  4. BA Muffler custom

    6" custom side exit by Keith at Dirty Deeds
  5. heres the reflection

    love how it looks...double the lites
  6. roof rack

    inspired by the ducati outside frame
  7. light bar

    I put the light bar that low for 2 reason.. one is that I can slide longer lumber on the roof rack without hitting the lights..and second I like the reflection on the widesheild.
  8. rack to match

    if you look at the rack angle I matched the angle of the tool box
1-11 of 11 Results