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  1. Problems: Maintenance, Warranty, Repair, Issues
    Hey everyone, Started noticing this rattling as it’s gotten colder. It appears to surge in idle, not quite constant. There’s also a similar tick/rattle/something that’s very faint when under light acceleration. Thoughts on what this may be?
  2. Problems: Maintenance, Warranty, Repair, Issues
    Hey everyone, i recently started throwing a P0420 code accompanied with a rattling from around the catalytic converters. I wanted to see what the most cost effective route for replacing these and the exhaust system might be? I’ll be looking to upgrade the truck next year, just need to get...
  3. Tundra Performance Modifications
    I have a 2020 tundra and want to replicate this exhaust system, basically stock cats and sensors, dual mufflers and tips Will this cause my truck to throw codes, the sensors to not function properly, thrash the air/fuel ratio, or cause the engine to run...
  4. Maintenance & Repair
    So I'm fairly new here and I drive a 2012 tundra Crewmax 5.7L. I was curious if there is a somewhat easy way to remove the passenger exhaust header and I actually cracked mine in half and from the looks of it I'd have to tear quite a bit apart. Would there be an easier way?
  5. 2006 v8 sr5 trd tundra

    Engine bay. I'm going to keep it looking like that, too.
1-5 of 5 Results