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  1. Tundra General Discussion
    Hey everyone, Probably a dumb question, but I'll ask anyways: I've got a 2017 Crewmax Limited 4x4 with Blind spot monitoring. I know that getting an aftermarket rear bumper would mean to either deactivate or recalibrate the blind spot sensors in the rear bumper. I'm also looking at a rough...
  2. Tundra Parts, Accessories and Exterior Mods
    Hey guys so I looked at different forums but none can answer my question. Just added 1a tow mirrors to my 2014 Tundra Limited Crew cab and switch pin 9 and 18 for the BSM indicator lights to work. However, as soon as the dark sensor indicates it’s dark the drivers BSM stops working. I can turn...
1-2 of 2 Results