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  1. Problems: Maintenance, Warranty, Repair, Issues
    Hello All, I have a 2017 Tundra Crew Ltd. Noticed today that my truck bed is crooked (attached photo shows passengers side rear of the bed sinking lower than the driver's side). I have noticed that I am not the only Tundra owner experiencing this issue as I have seen this on others. I did not...
  2. Tundra Parts, Accessories and Exterior Mods
    I'm planning to paint the grille black but wasn't sure if the emblem in it has a sensor. As far as I'm aware and based on the manuals, it seems that only 2018 and above have front sensors in the grille. Nothing in 2017 right?
  3. 2017 Toyota Tundra TRD PRO CrewMax

    Absolutely love this truck. Second owner. Traded in my 2007 GMC Sierra 1500 SLT. Haven't done any extreme driving but a road trip to the beach and some driving on the dunes. Love it in city traffic as well as on my highway commute.
1-3 of 3 Results