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Blazing Blue Pearl
Received with .6 miles on 12/6/17.
2018 Toyota Tundra (Blazing Blue Pearl)


Husky mats (XAct in front, full length Weatherbeater in back): SUPER coverage and are holding up great during winters here in UT.

Viper 2-way remote start: Knowing when it's running via remote deep inside my office, instead of walking to where I can hear the exhaust note is worth the extra money for the 2-way keyfob. The phone apps all cost too much for a subscription if you figure out how many times a month you'll use your phone to start the truck. $70/year is 5.80/month but you only use it MAYBE 6 months out of the year, so 11.60/month is what it costs. Then you work 20 days, so that's 40 starts just getting to and from work. TRIPLE that for all of the other screwing around after work and weekends and you have 120 starts/month and I add 20% for safety buffer. That's 140ish starts per year at $70; my cost would work out to something like $0.50 per start, best case. Or buy the 2-way remote option and it pays off in 1yr with no subscription ever. $0.50/start isnt much until you calculate how much that would be in miles (or price) per gallon, if was gas.

LED interior lights: Find anything you drop, and then read it, even under the seats at midnight. Sooo bright, man, I love this mod!

Tint (includes windshield): Huge improvement on keeping truck cool and doing the windshield is worth the extra cost to have the UV blocked. Makes you cringe harder when you hear a rock hit the windshield though, since replacement cost goes up dramatically. Depending on your coverage, redoing it might not be covered under the insurance that replaces the glass. Mine does.
Undercover Ultra Flex Matte tonneau: The clamps will pull the plastic bed rail toppers up and deform the seals if you're not attentive during install and readjust as needed. I don't hate it but at this price I would give another style a try, next time. No serious complaints, but if this goes away someday it will likely be thrown out instead of sold used...

Shorty antenna: This one is the right height for me, and it seriously reduced my FM reception range and increased susceptibility to noise. But I listen to podcasts or streaming media all day, using Bluetooth, exclusively.

Bedrug: Everything like this is installed using double-sided tape nowadays, and the pieces they include for the tailgate aren't large enough.

Modesta ceramic paint coating

Skid plate with integrated step: Easy to install. It goes under factory towhooks with the longer bolts they include. Cheaper and easier to install than a front camera setup.

Aries ActionTrac powered running boards: I got these right after Rockslide Engineering sold the line to Aries at the beginning of 2018, after seeing them at SEMA. The customer support from Aries is awesome. I get compliments on how fast or cool they are just about any time someone see them. I like how fast they are, but the lights they come with won't last. I added 2 rock lights per side on the normal harness as replacements. They are the absolute most expensive boards you'll find but my 5'-tall wife and 11yr old LOVE them even more than I do.
There are YouTube vids of them in action if you search.
TRD duals
Rear: Coachbuilder +3 shackles

Front: Bilstein 5100s on top setting, 2 shims on driver's side/1 passenger side
Wheel and Tire
Falken Wildpeak AT/3 in 285/65R20 on TE37 20" (required a slight trim of the skid plate)



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