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Base model truck with towing option.
Needed a bigger truck to tow a 6100 lb toy hauler to vintage motocross races in the Pacific NW. Turns out the 4.6 V8 wasn't big enough for the toy hauler, so now I just tow a 3-rail bike trailer and tent camp. Quality is not what I expected, ride is very rough, and it already has squeaks & rattles.

Took it in for the 10K check/oil change and it had a large oil leak from timing cover. Truck was at dealer 'awaiting parts' for ten days and I just got it back last night. Dealer reported that timing cover was warped (!!!) and had to be replaced.

I realize this is the base model, but I am not impressed at all....not even a little bit. Will see how it does for now, but will probably be visiting RAM truck dealer to look at the Eco-diesel 1500.

Overall grade: Underwhelming to say the least, graded at 5 out of 10.
2013 Toyota Tundra (Red)


Stock 4.6 V8. Major oil leak at 10,000 mi prompted replacement of timing cover and several associated items (under warranty). Guess that's not really a modification...but it does fit into my overall opinion of the truck.
Added a trailer brake controller, but that's not really a no modifications to interior. Regretting getting the base model with manual, cloth seats....uncomfortable, especially on long trips. I have to stop about every 100 miles to get out and walk around for a few really is that uncomfortable.
13" scratch down the left rear quarter panel that happened in first two weeks of ownership. Entirely my fault. I leaned a dirt bike against it (thought it was in gear) to get a drink and take off my gear. Next sound I heard was "screeeeeeeeech" as the handlebar/brake lever slid down the side of the truck. That's a most unpleasant sound. I have not repaired it so that I see it every single time I get in the truck as a reminder of my own stupidity. I'll probably get it fixed over the winter....if I still have the truck. Other than that, no modifications to the exterior.
If I don't get rid of the Tundra, a new stereo system is very high on my list. The basic AM/FM/single CD unit is the pits. The screen is difficult to read from driver's sight-line, just wiping dust off scratches the screen, and sound quality is horrible. Music and voice sound "mushy". Again, this is a basic model truck and I guess I can't expect more from the radio.
I think it has some sort of suspension, but it doesn't feel like it. Driving empty it will give you double-vision on anything less than the smoothest of roads. Load it up with a couple of bikes, gear, gas cans and camping gear helps a lot and makes it almost tolerable.
Wheel and Tire
Had basic steel wheels and tires that come on base model. A fews months after purchase, a friend who owns a custom shop had a brand new maxxed-out Tundra TRD that was in for some serious mods (big lift, huge wheels, pipes, etc, etc. The truck owner didn't want the stock TRD wheels (black & polished aluminum) back, so he offered me the set for $500! The truck had come straight from the dealer to his shop and had 17 miles on it total. I couldn't pass up that deal, so it has the TRD wheels on it. Sure does make it look a lot better....


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